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family activities

Family activities

A natural destination of wide-open spaces, ideal for breathing, getting away from it all, discovering our heritage and a wide variety of nectars.

On the water, underwater and on the water’s edge, on land, underground and in the air, on foot, on bike, on mountain bike, on horseback, with your harness… There’s no shortage of activities! Come and discover the beautiful landscapes of theHérault while staying at our campsite.

Between mountains to the north and plains to the south, the Haut Languedoc et Vignobles region is characterized by a mosaic of landscapes.

Hérault boasts a number of remarkable sites, exceptional geological wealth and a diversity of natural and cultural heritage resources.

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Leisure sports!

Sports activities in Hérault

The richness of the Hérault’s natural heritage makes it a perfect place to practice nature sports. The Hérault region allows for all kinds of practices:
hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, canoeing, climbing, caving, diving, sailing, hang-gliding, etc.
These outdoor activities are also a source of well-being and health.

The diversity and beauty of its landscapes make the Hérault region an incomparable playground for nature lovers. Renowned for the excellence of its sports facilities and activities, Hérault is a benchmark “natural stadium” and a top tourist destination.

With a wide range of sporting activities and landscaped, secure sites from a sustainable development perspective, the Hérault department and its Mediterranean landscapes offer an incomparable wealth of sporting activities for those who wish to adventure, with family or friends, the Hérault department is an ideal playground for nature lovers, a true paradise for recreational sports on land, in the air and on water.

Cultural visits in St Chinian

Saint-Chinian is a naturally intense and authentic destination! For the pleasure of all your senses, come and explore our exceptional sites and landscapes with their highly preserved flora and fauna.

You’ll be immersed in an environment of a thousand scents, while observing the great diversity of species. A breathtaking natural heritage! A vineyard with an exceptional terroir, a privileged location for an authentic stay.

And don’t forget to visit…. and enjoy Saint-Chinian to the full!

Take a stroll through the village’s narrow streets, and observe the charm and aesthetic appeal of the facades that bear witness to its prosperity. “The place to be St Chinian has been ranked 5ᵉ village where it’s good to age (source: CNBC).

vineyard sketch
cultural visits in st chinian
Enjoy Saint-Chinian to the full!
Wheat mill!

Le moulin du rocher

Once a gypsum mill, it is now a wheat mill.

The renovation of the ruins was a great initiative. A roof, wings and voilà, the Moulin du Rocher is reborn. It is even a teaching tool for milling techniques.

Your gaze will be drawn as if magnetized by this splendid work, and in fine weather, the miller dresses it in his sails. The view is spectacular. You’ll fall under its spell.

When night falls, it lights up and becomes the guardian of the village it overlooks.

Les Capitelles

The rocky plateau is characterized by a multitude of low walls. They used to delimit quadrangular plots.

These stone walls, when thick enough, enabled builders to construct shelters called “capitelles“, serving as shelters for peasants and winegrowers.

Superbly restored, you’ll admire miles of low walls and shelters along the Chemin des Capitelles…

vineyard sketch
shelters called capitelles
Discover the Chemin des Capitelles!
family picnic

Les Platanettes

Les Platanettes” is a quiet, restful spot that will enchant you with the sound of flowing Vernazobres water.

In the shade of the plane trees, you’ll appreciate the coolness, especially in summer.

This is the perfect spot for a picnic with family or friends.

A breathtaking view!

Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth Chapel in Saint-Chinian

The Notre-Dame de Nazareth chapel is located on the hill of La Corne, overlooking the Vernazobres valley and offering a breathtaking view of Saint Chinian.

Saint-Chinian de La Corne is the old name of the village.

A narrow but signposted path (Oeno Rando) leads to the chapel. And for the bravest and most daring, you can climb up to the Cross at the summit of La Corne.

The Saint-Chinian organ

The Saint-Chinian organ remains in a state of total purity. Virtually unchanged since its construction, it bears precious witness to our history.

Canal de l’Abbé

This hydraulic structure, known as the “Canal de l’Abbé”, flows quietly through the heart of the village of Saint-Chinian. It helped Saint-Chinian prosper in the 16th and 17th centuries. Its water intake is located a few kilometers upstream of the village.
Visits are organized during the summer season to help you discover or rediscover the ingenuity of our ancestors.

vineyard sketch
pont de l abbe
Discover the ingenuity of our ancestors!
concerts le cloitre

The cloister

A relaxing spot in the heart of Saint-Chinian, the cloister is one of the remains of the former abbey church.

Over the years, its history has been punctuated by demolitions, renovations and rebuilds.

Today, soberly restored and with its new functions, it regularly hosts concerts and exhibitions, where history, culture and art come together.

Its fountain and olive-tree-adorned garden invite you to take a refreshing stroll.

Explore the surrounding area!

Around Saint-Chinian

La Mare: Part of the Assignan commune is classified as a Natura 2000 zone. In this communal pond, which has never dried up, you can spot a marbled newt.

Les gorges de reals : a natural spot in southern Hérault, at Réals, where the rock forms deep gorges and the river Orb rushes through, formingimpressive rapids. The Réals base also hosts canoeing competitions on the rapids.

A little further on is the Réals bridge, with its 5 13-metre arches on the left bank and its 13-metre arch on the right bank, linked by a 50-metre-long metal arch. Ideal setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The gourgues du Fichoux on the outskirts of Puisserguier, heading towards the hamlet of La Manière, are resurgences of the stream of the same name. They are found below a steep, rocky ridge.

Impressive in its depth and rock color, you’ll reach it by a staircase leading to the 3 water holes (120 steps are required, the site is not accessible for people with mobility difficulties, site not secured).

The Etang de Capestang, classified as a Natura 2000 area, is of real ecological interest thanks to its rich vegetation and the many species of birds that nest there (egrets, harriers, teals, spoonbills, herons…).

The Fonséranes locks: This is the most spectacular spot on the Canal du Midi. The Octuple (8 locks, 9 successive basins) allows you to overcome a 21.50 m difference in height. A must to enjoy the view of Béziers from the top of the locks.

The rocky bars of Cazedarnes are a limestone stratum deposited in a lake several million years ago, then folded under the effect of the appearance of the Pyrenees. Erosion eventually dug in.

Oppidum d’Ensérune: History, architecture, great people and anecdotes… Find out all you need to know about this major Gallic city of the Midi , located between Narbonne and Béziers!

The most beautiful towns to visit in Hérault

Whatever you fancy, stop off at one of these small, typically Mediterranean villages and take an incredible trip back in time!

From dinosaurs to the present day, via the Neolithic period, Catharism and the Wars of Religion, Romanesque and Gothic art, the Via Domitia and the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela: our villages will reveal their secrets to you.

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the most beautiful towns to visit in herault
Typical Mediterranean villages!
Discover our accommodations, our hiking trails
and taste our quality wines.